Kathy is a defender of the constitution and a veteran of the U.S. Army. She is a fighter and is tenacious in her pursuit to leave our country better than how she got it. Kathy is also a person of faith, who stands up for truth. She was also one of the few people to fight for election integrity in 2020. Her life story supporting the right to life is powerful. Kathy has integrity, honor and is committed to the cause of freedom. I fully endorse Kathy for senate for such a time as this.


Sen. Doug Mastriano

“Kathy is the only US Senate candidate in Pennsylvania that can win this race and take back the Senate. I know Kathy, she’s one of my heroes. She has overcome incredible odds and this race is no different. She’s a conservative fighter and I proudly stand with her as she looks to become a champion for American first values in the United State Senate.”


– Burgess Owens

“I strongly and wholeheartedly endorse Kathy Barnette to be the next U.S. Senator from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Kathy is precisely the leader the citizens of Pennsylvania and the United States need right now. She is bold, courageous, determined, and accountable for her actions, unlike most politicians we have serving in Washington DC.”


– General Michael Flynn

“Kathy Barnette understands the challenges facing America and we need her in the United States Senate. Kathy understands that America’s greatness comes from a strong working class, not an overreaching federal government. She is an advocate for the trades and is on a mission to restore skilled labor and manufacturing in the United States and end America’s independence on foreign nations.”


– John Ratzenberger