Kathy Barnette

wants to preserve our country

Family is the Nucleus of Our Society.

Everything we do as legislators should be done from the perspective of how will it strengthen the family. If it doesn’t first strengthen the American family, then why would we consider it?

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What Kathy stands for.

I’m running for office because I must. Good people have sat on the sidelines for far too long.  As a result, we’ve created a vacuum that is being filled by some of the most despotic and debased individuals.  I believe America is the greatest country that has ever existed.  She is the greatest country that has ever existed because she was founded upon the greatest political document ever written – the U.S. Constitution.

I stand for preserving the U.S. Constitution, recognizing that our country doesn’t exist apart from it.

I am not a “parrot” Conservative. Meaning, I have not simply memorized some Conservative “talking points” and simply parrot it back to you. These past two years should have taught us a very important lesson about what type of leader we need to have fighting for us. Now more than ever, we need strong and authentic Republican voices standing up and defending the rights we hold dear. I promise you that I will be that voice for the citizens of Pennsylvania and Our Great Nation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kathy running for?

Kathy is running for United States Senate in Pennsylvania.

Where does Kathy live?

Kathy lives in the Huntingdon Valley, PA area. 

Which Party is Kathy?

Kathy Barnette is a Republican Candidate running for US Senate in Pennsylvania.

How can I donate to the campaign?

Thank you for your interest in contributing to our campaign. As you know, I cannot do this without you. Together we can win in November. 

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Kathy Barnette is running for US Senate in Pennsylvania.  Kathy wants to be your Representative, NOT another career politician.  She will not serve more than three terms and plans to represent YOU to DC, not DC to YOU.