Once elected, starting day one, I pledge to:

  1. Protect Individual Liberty – Our rights come from our Creator, not from government. I oppose censorship, Free Speech Zones, and all other efforts to curb the exercise of our rights. Election integrity is central to defending liberty and I will defend our right to free and fair elections.  My office will be transparent; constituents will know what we are doing and that we have read and considered bills before voting on them.
  2. Protect Fundamental Rights – The 2nd amendment preserves Constitutional rights and the right to self-defense. I oppose gun control legislation and will pursue national concealed carry reciprocity.  I oppose civil forfeiture and will seek to curb its practice.
  3. Defend the Right to Life – Life begins at conception. Every life is precious and possesses inherent dignity. I will promote legislation that bans late-term abortions, bars the use of federal funds to deliver and promote abortion, and protects organizations and institutions from mandates which infringe on their religious liberties.
  4. Protect Our National Sovereignty – The essence of national sovereignty is control of national borders and we are stronger and better for structured, organized immigration. I will promote our business interests and those of legal immigrants, pursuing strong border and internal enforcement actions.  My office will insist on long-term plans to tackle the border crisis, address systemic problems that encourage illegal immigration, and confront the national security and public safety threats of unchecked smuggling.
  5. Restore Energy Independence – America has been a significant energy exporter and it is in our interests to leave all energy options on the table as we pursue environmental goals. Energy independence is crucial to security, essential to preserving international affairs and central to economic development.  It makes no sense to squander our abundant energy resources so China and India can ramp up their use of coal.  I will promote clean nuclear and fossil fuel options, alongside renewable energy research and development.
  6. Remain True to My Oath and Root Out and Punish Corruption – Conflicts of interest undermine our right to honest government. Those who serve us in government must be subject to the highest standards of conduct and should suffer serious consequences for enriching themselves from their positions.  I will pursue stringent ethics rules for those who are in our government, and I will not be manipulated by special interests or foreign actors.  My husband and I will not hold or trade in individual stocks and will only invest in mutual funds, thereby removing the self-interested investment motivations that corrupt others.  I will serve only two terms in the Senate; the term for which I am seeking election and one additional term.
  7. End Government-Imposed Income Stagnation and Wealth Inequality – The Federal Reserve wrongly believes too many people working and getting raises causes inflation. This has caused more than 20 years of unjust income stagnation for the bottom 90%.  At the same time, the government doesn’t think twice about printing money to create asset bubbles which enrich the top 10%, exacerbating wealth inequality.  This is the underlying force tearing the country apart and fueling the reactionary lurch towards Socialism.  Unfortunately, Congress has abdicated its responsibility to clearly define the Fed’s role.  I will lead the charge to require that the Fed stabilize the dollar as its sole operating target, a function best suited to achieving the very purpose for which the Fed was created.
  8. Promote Peace Through Strength – America approaches international affairs in a way that is counter-productive and makes State, Defense, and Commerce policies mere extensions of party politics. International affairs must be governed by long-term planning, based as much upon and as close to objective assessments of global and regional realities as possible.  I will insist that the White House present the Senate with three- and five-year plans which promote prosperity and peace, while protecting American interests in ways that transcend mere partisanship and last longer than the administrations do.
  9. Restore Healthcare Autonomy – Americans should control healthcare decisions. That can only happen if the federal government cedes power to states and private industry.  We need an innovative and flexible system, and the federal government has demonstrated that it is incapable of promoting either goal. Instead of conducting important research and providing advice, HHS, the CDC, and the NIH have been hijacked by politics.  I will seek to limit their regulatory and enforcement powers and will insist that they empower citizens with decision-making information, not subject us to mandates which rob our freedom.
  10. Promote American Agriculture – Agriculture is one of our most important economic sectors and it is time for Pennsylvania to again have a Senator on the Agriculture Committee. I will represent Pennsylvania’s farmers, recognizing that our contributions to the nation’s food supply are crucial to our success as a nation.  My office will be the voice of Pennsylvania when I go to Washington.